Venue and location

AMIS 2019 :: Venue and location

The conference will be held at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ro. Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti), Piata Romana no. 6, Bucharest.

Phone and fax: (40) 21 319 19 00/113; Email address:

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It is also highly recommended that you visit the AMIS 2019 contact page.

How to reach from the Bucharest International Airport Henri Coandă to Romana Square (Piaţa Romană - The Bucharest University of Economic Studies - the conference venue):

  • By the express line 783 to Piaţa Unirii (Union Square) (get off at 'Piata Romana' stop). You may download an accurate schedule of the bus to and from to city center here.

    Traveling on week days you need to refer to the hours in the first table. The return hours refer to the end of the line, so please add about 10-15 min depending on the traffic for the Piata Romana stop.

    Upon arrival in the airport you need to go downstairs to the 783 bus station, purchase 2-ride tickets (for a total amount of 7 lei, less than 2 EUR) at the vending machines in the station or at the ticket booth, and validate them upon getting on the bus. You should see the iconic building of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies on the left hand side when you get off at Piata Romana.

    You may exchange in the airport the equivalent of about 2 EURO (1 EUR = about 4 lei in the airport, about 4.5 lei in city center, to have enough for the 783 ticket) to purchase the 2-ride 783 ticket. Then you may exchange money at local banks and exchange offices in Piata Romana, to get a better exchange rate, for local expenses.

  • By cab. Please only use authorized cabs!

    You should order a cab at the special taxi kiosks in the airport. Do not accept people approaching you in the airport - it is illegal and we advise you against it.

    We suggest you order a cab at the fare of 1.69-1.99 lei/km (about 0.3 EUR/km). It is not worth it taking a more expensive one. A normal ride at this rate to city center should be about 30 lei (about 7 EUR), more or less, depending on the traffic. But taxi drivers are taxi drivers just like in any other major city, and could take advantage of unknowing foreigners, just like in any other major city.

    Tip is not included in the price on the meter (ask for the meter to be turned on). Since regular taxi fares are pretty affordable in Bucharest (i.e. 1.39-1.4 ron/km) we normally tip taxi drivers about 20% of the meter price. Regular tip in Bucharest is aligned to international practices (10-15%) but taxis are an exception. However, you should adjust this percent depending on the fare of the taxi of your choice.

From the Bucharest International Railway Station of Bucharest North to Romana Square (Piaţa Romană):

  • By cab. Only use authorized cabs (See above, but there are no kiosks to order taxis from)

  • By the metro. From the metro Station of Bucharest North get on the metro until the first stop, change line at the Victoriei Square and get off at the Piata Romana station (also the first stop).

    For more information, please check the Bucharest metro map here.


  • Call for papers

    Read the Call for Submissions of the AMIS 2019 International Conference.

  • Submission procedure

    All submissions for the AMIS conference need to be made electronically, via the official submission system of AMIS, within the indicated deadline.